Director General

Dr. (Mrs.) Rajni Sehgal, Director General is also very dedicated, versatile, humane and involved in all the developmental activities of the institution. She has organized number of National events successfully. She is overall academic controller of the organisaion.

Her previous professional assignments M.M.I.P.R. and M.M. Group of Institutions (Now, M.M. UNIVERSITY, Mullana Ambala) elevated her to the next level of excellence, in her profession. She has participated in 48 Seminars, Workshops, Conferences, MDPs, and EDPs and has presented / published research papers at National & International level. She has traveled extensively and enriched her with lot of practical experience. She has also worked in AIMT, Ambala, Bhai Gurdas Institutions, Sangrur, SD Institutions Jagadhri and Alpine etc. Her excellent temperament distinguishes her from the rest. She has also visited number of countries/places for international collaboration and integration of her institutions and student/faculty exchange programme.